The Pike operate in blocks of men armed with a sixteen foot ash staff tipped with a metal spear point.  Pike blocks would advance upon the enemy and as a body aim their pikes at the opposing block.  Both units would march their pikes into the enemy leading to a melee scrum in the ‘push of pike’.

8096939_origLindsey’s Company make a pike block with the other companies of the Kings Lifeguard of Foote but often brigade with members of other regiments to make a full block.  The pikes are stored and brought to the event by volunteers from the company for all the pikemen to use.


A pikemans kit consists of the white shirt and hose, burgundy soldiers coat and breeches which are also worn by the musket and artillery. A pikemen can wear latchet shoes or soldiers boots with studs for traction on wet grass and mud.  Most kit can be loaned for the first few battles but a member is expected to buy their own in time.

3903574_origA helmet is mandatory but Lindsey’s company have several spare helmets which can be loaned for the duration of a battle. Breastplate armour is not mandatory but many members of the pike will usually buy their own after several seasons. The breastplates tassets are optional.

A sword would have also been worn by pike and members often buy them for display purposes. Many do not wear them onto the field however as they need to be removed before push of pike in the interests of safety.


Pike Manoeuvres

  • Advance and Ordering of the Pike
  • Port of Pike
  • Charge of Pike
  • Charge for Horse
  • The Salute
  • Trailing of Pike
  • Laying down of Arms5598506_orig