Interested in Joining?

If you’re interested in joining the company and take part in re-enacting the English Civil War then please contact the company commander at  The following information on this page might be of interest and answer some frequent questions we receive.

1. Membership

Before applying for membership you can come along to any muster weekend on a temporary membership which will apply for that weekend event.

To become a member of Lindsey’s company requires applying to the Sealed Knot and paying for society membership. The company and regiment ask for subs from their members to help finance new equipment.

If applying halfway through the year a reduced membership rate applies.

2. Camping

Anyone interested in joining, even temporarily is going to require at least basic camping essentials if they plan to stay overnight.

Modern Tents, Caravans and Motorhomes are all used by members on the plastic campsite. Period tents are only mandatory on the Living History site.

Water, portable toilets and elsan points are always available.  Food traders are usually present to buy take away meals but this is not a certainty at smaller events.

3. Kit

Kit can be loaned to new members for a weekend but it is advised that an interested member brings a pair of comfortable desert boots that can be used as it can be difficult to source correct sizes.

2966760_origThe price of kit varies according to how much someone is willing to pay to appear more, or less, authentic. A full set of period clothes bought from traders can cost a hundred pounds or more but the cost of this can be spread by buying individual items over a season or several seasons. Templates and material can always be bought if someone is interested in cutting and sewing their own kit.

Authentic period shoes typically cost forty pounds or more. The cost of second hand armour and muskets will depend on their condition but usually start at the hundred pound mark. New armour and muskets cost much more up to several hundred pounds.

4. Manoeuvres

All new members will be taught the basic elements of drill before going on the field.

5. Dying

Death on the re-enactment field is very temporary. Most of the fallen are only dead for a minute at most before their comrades recover them and they return to the ranks.

6. Testing

There are no tests required before going on the field as a pikeman, drummer, standard bearer or as a non-firing musketeer. Firing musketeers must pass a musket test before they can fire black powder on the field. This requires the appropriate licence, several practice firings, knowledge of the manoeuvres and safety procedures. Sword wielders must pass a sword test which shows that they can wield their sword safely in addition to their primary weapon (pike, musket, drum, standard).