Interested in Hosting?

Lindsey’s Companie and the regiment of the Kings Lifeguard are always happy to help any organisation that has an interest in hosting the Sealed Knot for an event.  If you are interested then please don’t hesitate to contact the company commander at however the following information may be of use to you if you are considering hosting an English Civil War event and wish to procure the services of our society.

Size of event

7359155_origDisplays and talks are very small events consisting of anything from a handful of individuals to the entirety of a regiment.  Importantly a display only consists of display of drill, numbers would not permit any battle re-enactment.  However they are very useful for allowing members of the public to talk to and interact with our members on any facet of the civil war that they may interested in.

Skirmishes are larger and require small numbers of both royalist and parliamentarian forces to engage in a short pitched fight.

Minor Battles usually consist of several regiments from both the royalist and parliamentarian forces with hundreds, or thousands, of re-enactors taking to the field.

681120_origMajor Battles are the largest events consisting of every fighting body from the entire Sealed Knot society that can make the event.  Most if not all of the regiments represented by the sealed knot will be present with several thousand fighting men and women on the field.

Needs of the Society

Any party interested in hosting any battle event which lasts longer than one day should be aware of the following needs of the society.

Camping space is a must for any multi-day or large event.  Our members come from all over the country requiring several hours of travel. As such most members camp for large events and the society would require space for camping from the day before the event to the morning after the event. Access to water is a must but temporary piping can be used.

Powder would be needed to be kept on site and UK regulations insist that temporary powder stores have a large amount of space around them for safety. Luckily the society has many experienced powder masters who are able to ensure that we and our sponsors meet the standards of the law.

Battlefield access is a serious consideration.  Our members can march to and from the battlefield but marching on busy roads will require contacting the local police and holding up traffic for a time.