Baggage Train

In a real Civil War Battle the Baggage Trayne of supplies, in most instances, would have been several miles behind the army. For the purposes of re-enactment, however, we join the troops on the battlefield to implement health and safety measures

cropped-8097490_orig.jpgThe role of the baggage is to provide water for the combatant troops and to minister to their needs—tying shoelaces/helmets, mopping brows and kissing their bruises better! We are on the spot to check minor injuries and decide if the services of the SKMS ( Sealed Knot Medical Services) are required.

It is a role ideally suited to those who wish to experience the thrill of the battle without becoming too physically involved in the combat. It is however, not a soft option and we can expend as much energy as the troops.

For those not wishing to get anywhere near anything that gallops, goes bang or has a pointy end, the role of civilian can be adopted. This can be as simple as assuming a 17thC persona and walking the crowd-line (under the auspices of the front-of-house-team—luvvies welcome!)) or as complex as setting up on the Living History camp and living as close as is possible to the conditions of the period. Living History comes under the close scrutiny of the public and therefore greater attention must be paid to detail both in terms of clothing and of information imparted. However, newcomers will be offered lots of help and support from current members and you will be surprised how quickly your knowledge grows.