Alternate Identities

For battles in the South of England we take on the persona of Sir Bernard Astley’s Regiment of Foote which fought with distinction at the battles of Lansdown, Cheriton and Newbury and was present at both sieges of Bristol, once as attackers and once as besieged.

For the north of England we become Sir Thomas Tyldesley’s regiment which was raised in Lancashire and fought at taking of Liverpool before joining Prince Rupert’s army and marching to the relief of York and subsequent battle at Marston Moor.

In Scotland we have identity as John Lindsay’s regiment which was raised as a part of the Covenanting army which invaded the north of England at the behest of Parliament and fought at the sieges of Newcastle and York and served credibly at the battle of Marston Moor. The regiment was recalled to Scotland to counter the activities of the Marquis of Montrose in 1645.

We are currently researching a Royalist identity for campaigns in Scotland and are concentrating our efforts on Ludovic Lindsay, a relation of John, who fought initially in England before returning to Scotland to aid Montrose. After the restoration of Charles II in Scotland we are once more the Lifeguard, commanded by Lord Lorne and as such fought at the battles of Dunbar and Worcester.