The Earl of Lindsey’s is the first companie of the Sealed Knot’s premier regiment, the King’s Lifeguard of Foote. We are one of the oldest surviving units within the Society having been raised at the inception of the Sealed Knot.

Originally based in London, we now have members in London, Canterbury, Dover, Cardiff, Southampton, Oxford and Sheffield and are closely involved with the other Guard companies based in Nantwich, Worcester, Oxford, Nottingham, Birmingham and Grimsby.

We have members represented in all arms of the army which are, in alphabetical order, Artillery, Baggage, Drums, Musket and Pike.

New members are encouraged to try out any or all of the above. At your first muster you will be required to provide appropriate boots and socks but the regiment can usually loan you most of the other equipment for your chosen role. There are traders on the campsite who sell all manner of clothing and military accoutrements. Annually there are two re-enactors markets, held in the Midlands, at which many further items may be purchased.. You will be expected to obtain your own uniforms, weapons and proper footwear as soon as you have decided that you want to stay within the companie.

Lindsey’s is a close-knit companie who like to have fun. During the muster season we have barbecues and parties a favourite being, ironically, the fancy dress party. At the end of the season we have a companie banquet with dancing to round off a hard year of Sealed Knotting.

COME AND JOIN US; you will be most welcome.